Who Are SY

We are your business technology partners. Our mission is to increase SME profits by implementing best practices and latest tech to support your people and strategic objectives

Maximise the power of your best people

We focus on keeping your best people in their peak productive window by opening up insight into key data and making the most of the hours they put in by leveraging the latest tech

Create and enhance connections across your business ecosystem

By monitoring the interactions you and your team have with your data, systems and processes, we make sure all of these relationships best align with your business objectives

Eliminate unnecessary waste from your most important processes

We find the duplications, bottlenecks and under-utilised data that eat up unnecessary time and drain the focus, energy and profit from your organisation

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business performance

By optimising your processes and reporting we can give you direct feedback and insights to your business that were never possible before

Protect your hard earned successes from malicious opportunists

Don’t let your company reputation get damaged by a missed update or opened phishing email, arm your defences and equip your team to fight cyber attacks with advanced threat detection and resilience training