Network-Server Installation

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SY Limited provides network installation services to clients in and around London and the South East. We sit down with clients and together map out and design an IT network installation to fit in with their current and future business plans. As their business grows their IT network should expand with them.

Our server installation services offer an analysis of how efficient your server is working for your business right now. Having these facts gives you enough information to consider any changes that would suit your expectation and budget.

  • A memory upgrade could make that difference or new server installation would see increased changes.
  • Moving to the Cloud could save you money; making your server redundant and freeing up office space
  • A hybrid solution gives the option to partially store data in the cloud and the rest on a local server and gradually you could move it all to the cloud.

For a free quotation call +44 (0) 203 733 2155 or to set up a meeting to discuss the benefits from a network or server installation service and a proposed design of your IT Network.