Cyber Security



Another day, another fearful headline, another marketing message warning of infiltration and ransom threats to your business data.

So, is it all hype or are you really at risk?

There are some significant threats to your data security, but there are simple steps you can put in place to protect you and keep your business IT fit – without significant costs.

Over the last few years there has been a huge shift in the way IT services are delivered. Microsoft, along with other key players, have deployed hundreds of thousands of servers to deliver services to you cheaply and effectively across the internet.

The good news is no small or mid-size business needs to have any server hardware in their offices. Which in turn means that you don’t have the overhead of securing and maintaining servers\managing firewalls or run the risk of not!

So far so good…

It also means that you can access your company data from anywhere with an internet connection. Which is fantastic (especially as I’m writing this from a beach side café in Devon!), except it does mean that – without proper precautions – all of it can be accessible to anybody else.

With a properly deployed secure Microsoft 365 solution, you can have all this, but also make sure only the people you want accessing your data can access your data.

You can keep control of all your company information even when it’s accessed on a tablet at a beach in the South of France (a man can dream!). In fact, you can make sure that the contents of the tablet are securely deleted even if the tablet stays on the beach when you go home!

SY Limited have been supporting small and medium sized businesses for nearly 20 years, but our role has changed from a company of technicians that spend our time managing server problems, exchange email and patching, to a company of technical business consultants that help you to get the best from the latest technology and keep you secure and in line with the latest security protocols and standards.

Of course, we still work with end users to help with the sluggish PC or reluctant printer. This is important, and our customers have direct access to senior engineers who can dial in to your device quickly and efficiently. Our high-quality support is a given, but our customers remember us for good advice, industry knowledge and problem-solving approach.

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