About Us


SY Limited’s mission is to give a stable and secure information technology platform, high-quality support & sensible advice to small and mid-sized organisations. We do this in a business-friendly way to provide a genuine return on your investments and support you through your growth journey.

We work with small businesses because that’s what we know best. Operating for more than 18 years, we have a small team of consultant engineers who will get to know you and your users. Working in this way – and avoiding helpdesks and call centres – we really understand the issues you’re facing, not just fixing problems on the fly, but also advising on improving your systems and infrastructure.

Our consultants work closely with a back-office team who manage system/server configurations as well as monitoring your systems in real time for genuinely pro-active support.

Technology is developing at an increasingly rapid pace and it is the Small Businesses that have the most to gain. Increased efficiencies, new routes to market, remote and offshore working and worldwide trading are all little more than a click away.

Recent years have seen a huge shift in the way that IT services are delivered to businesses. With the advent of ‘Cloud Computing’ and software as a service (SaaS), small businesses now have powerful computing tools available in minutes that until recently were the preserve of the corporates.

The fact that these services can be delivered cost effectively – and anywhere with a decent internet connection – has put us in a golden age of technological advancement: but not embracing these changes will leave organisations at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Microsoft is at the forefront of this revolution and is consistently delivering the services that can help you deliver better service to your clients at the same time as reducing overall costs.

SY’s partnership with Microsoft together with our approach to delivering service to our customers means that we can work with you to get the best from this technology. We will provide an end to end consulting, deployment and management to ensure that your company has the right tools to support your business journey now and into the future.